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Strict Paleo starts tomorrow.

Bright and chipper! I have been reallllyyyyy relaxed on my eating and it reflects in how tight my jeans are and i don’t like it.

I have cooked the tomato mince sauce for the paleo spaghetti with zucchini and paleo sweet potato shepards pie as well as paleo curry with cauliflower rice and peach lamb stew.

I am spending tomorrow meal prepping as I know it’s my downfall.

Back on board with paleo!

  1. ryanivan said: good luck, I am kicking back into action my paleo and workout regime Easter Monday, I hope we both succeed.
  2. crossfitkarla posted this

Crossfit and macro foodie, kundalini yoga, 40kgs/85 pounds weight loss. Nutrition warehouse Platinum sponsored athlete. #turtlepower