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What the 2013 crossfit games has taught me already:

That I do it for the love of the game.

I don’t do Crossfit to win. I do it because i love it and It saved my life. The people, the community, the excitement of the open.

Do I care who I beat and what place I come? No. I could come last and I would still do the open.

I do have alot of Crossfit friends all over the world due to this blog an I have noticed people re doing workout over and having no rest days just for a few reps more. I will never be a do over kind of crossfitter. I am lazy hints the reason i was extremely over weight and don’t have the killer mind frame and once is enough for me. I give it my all and then I walk away and don’t see that bitch for 6 months when we do benchmarks.

I do appreciate the athletes who are so focused and driven by this sport it’s inspiring to me watch but after the disappointment of 2012 snatch wod (what i expected to get and what i got were 2 very different things) I took a step back and I take expectations off myself and just give it everything I got and I am satisfied in knowing I did my best. Which has put me in the best frame of mind after 13.1.

No expectations, no disappointments
Just one ex fat kid doing the best she can.

Bring on 13.2

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  4. therealdubtastic said: PREACH! This came at an absolutely perfect time for me. Thank you!
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Crossfit and macro foodie, kundalini yoga, 40kgs/85 pounds weight loss. Nutrition warehouse Platinum sponsored athlete. #turtlepower