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The paleo police were called over some dark choc chips.

I was called “miss leading the public” “lacking integrity” and implied I was a fraud because i put protein powder in my paleo pancakes and had dark chocolate chips.

Let’s clarify something and make it crystal clear. I’m not perfect nor have I ever claimed to be. I also have never claimed to be 100% strict paleo diet and I eat to 80/20 and enjoy a cheat day. I eat to the principals of paleo but have found away to sustain it to my lifestyle usually.

Im not going to sit here and pretend life is perfect right now because it is far from it, I have had a truly rough 2 weeks and it’s rather personal to share with blog land and no one knows the struggle I have been going through lately reverting to my old way of coping which is eating my feelings. I have not trained at my box i honestly have not left the house unless it was for work in the past 2 weeks. I have eaten all forms of fast food including KFC for the first time in 2 years as a way of copeing as it’s the only way I know how when shit gets rough.

I know and understand I put my journey out their for judgement but this was below the belt since I know him in real life. But Until you have been a binge eater, emotional eater or someone with body dismophia simply saying “stop eating shit” just shut the fuck up. Food is/was my friend. Food picked up the pieces from what has been me trying to numb the pain. it’s not just food to me it’s a life long friend that’s kept me company at my worst. So breaking this habit isn’t something I’ve figured out how to do yet.

The light bulb moment happened on friday when I was regonised at subway being the “paleo princess” having a footling pizza sub with 3 cookies and a energy drink. It all clicked as i was so embarrassed I can’t keep doing this to myself.

I am worth more than this and am currently going through the sugar withdrawals from hell on my 2nd day of flexible paleo.

I am a junkie and food is my self medicating drug of choice and sometimes junkies have relapse’s. I am human and this journey is mine alone.

  1. eyethoughtt reblogged this from crossfitkarla and added:
    She is so awesome.
  2. eyethoughtt said: Karla this is why I love and respect you so much. U keep it real and your honesty is something someone else is also struggling with. I’ve been killing myself with junk food for a month trying to hide the fact that I’m not disappointed in myself.
  3. amandavanvels said: i completely understand. i’m the same exact way. don’t worry, no one’s perfect. just keep pushing forward and know that no amount of food will ever make you happy.
  4. courtneem said: I hope you told them where to go! Your honesty and upfront attitude is why I follow you, and for someone to suggest that you’ve been anything but genuine is complete bullshit!
  5. oldschoolamrap said: I think it is extremely rude that someone you know IRL would say something like that. People you know personally are supposed to be supportive. This makes me so sad and I wish you the best of luck getting back on track
  6. victoriafindslife said: congrats for facing it and jumping off the sinking ship. life happens. we have to do what we can to get through sometimes. stupid people are stupid so don’t let cause you problems!
  7. heartfaithlife said: You are a beautiful person and I thank you for this post
  8. whamiam said: Way to do what you got to do! And for having the self awareness and courage to take care of you. I’ve been there and done that. It’s not easy. I <3 your blog and I hope whatever you have that is going on is getting better.
  9. simplyketostacy said: Thank you for being honest & real. You have no idea how I needed to hear this!!!
  10. simplyketostacy reblogged this from crossfitkarla and added:
    This.#Real life
  11. butchbikinikill said: whoever is saying shit about the food you’re putting in your body needs to fuck off and get a life.
  12. lifeweightsandpavement said: Sometimes, I think people just need to get a life, then they could stop being asses to others.
  13. crossfitkarla posted this

Crossfit and macro foodie, kundalini yoga, 40kgs/85 pounds weight loss. Nutrition warehouse Platinum sponsored athlete. #turtlepower