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Why I needed to go to a lift big eat big strong man seminar.

There where a few things said that I needed to hear.

Firstly to explain where I live so you understand why it matters. I live on the gold coast Australia the land of the ken and barbie wannabe, where blonde hair blue eyes tiny frame and fake boobs, where men are blonde surfers that look like triangles (don’t work legs) are considered beautiful.

I do not look like that nor do I aspire to, but after a while it takes a bashing on your self esteem. I do love myself and it’s taken years for that to happen but over the last few weeks have been comments said about me weightlifting and “you don’t wanna end up look like a dude” and have heard through a lot of male friends what what their definition of beautiful is and without fail it’s been the description mentioned above. Not to mention the female friends who aspire to be that.

What I’m trying to get at is I live in a place where my body type/sport is not appreciated. So spending it with 2 American men who think being strong is beautiful has done wonders for my self confidence. I was at the point I needed to hear it.

These men promote everything at lift big eat big that is exactly what I am. They have made strong sexy, the sport I do beautiful and made me feel beautiful.

Brandon and Marshall I thank you.

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    I wish I had men in my town like this!!
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Crossfit and macro foodie, kundalini yoga, 40kgs/85 pounds weight loss. Nutrition warehouse Platinum sponsored athlete. #turtlepower