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(Source: mywhisperedcolors)

Today’s food!

Been so tasty and delicious.
Macros on point and may of had 2 tim tams and some grape fanta. #winning

Sorry I’ve been slack with my adventure.

Part 2 

Back into it now and I will load more pictures I promise xxx

Sorry I’ve been slack with my adventure.

Part 2 

Back into it now and I will load more pictures I promise xxx

A few snaps from the games. Such a great couple of days. Always amazing catching up with my online friends :)

Carl Paoli
Jeff tucker
Mike Burgener
Dave driskell

Good fun. Xx

Deadest was pre paired to die today. When you hear the words “navy seal training” you shit ya pants I didn’t sleep well with anxiety about this and I came pretty close to bitching out today and blaming everything I could except the fact I let myself gain weight and have the long road ahead. This was my moment. I remember @carlpaoli video with @caraghcamera and went right I will face this shit head on and you will not let the fear beat me. It was 90 min of pure suck but I got it done and so happy to be in a group so encouraging like the @alteregoproductions who stood by myside and let me face my fears (one may have vomited #justsaying) #italwaysseemsimpossiabletillitisdone #turtletakesonamerica2

Such a we done day.

First session back at Crossfit in 3 weeks ( we did a cardio session earlier today) with Logan at deuce Crossfit after being sick *cough* lazy. So amazing to train with Logan and the crew, you know when you can just tell someone is in love with their job. This place has the best atmosphere.

So many epic things about the #alteregoproductions tour but one of my fav’s is a studio with a full working kitchen and $25 whole foods voucher #winning spent so much money last year on crappy room service so these broads really think ahead.

And kill cliff I love you and my trusty atp science from the best in sups nutritionwarehouse.

Great day.

KD x

Yeah buddy!!!

#alteregoproductions ready to party at the #armyofoz #crossfitgames tour! Amazing afternoon of yoga by the beach was exactly what this turtle needed. #turtletakesonamerica2

(Source: handfulofjitters)

Crossfit and macro foodie, kundalini yoga, 40kgs/85 pounds weight loss. Nutrition warehouse Platinum sponsored athlete. #turtlepower